Friday, January 7, 2011


I don't know what I'm doing and I kind of like it that way. Really, I don't have a choice in that matter. I feel like I never know what I'm doing, and I'm used to it by now. Anyways, I'm going to try to post the daily coming and goings of my family. We are a family of 4, if you include the dog and desert tortoises make it 7. There's me, my hubby, and two boys. Oh and the dog and two desert tortoises. I did mention that right? I feel like I always forget about them. And that's too bad, because my dog was my baby until I had my first born. Now she's the red-headed step child. (My apologies if you happen to be a red-headed step child.) Moving along, my oldest boy, Little Man, is 3, and today was his first day of preschool. I'm sad, but also secretly excited about my new found freedom. It's only a small newly found freedom considering I have another boy at home with me. Buddy is almost 9 months. He's about as sweet and sour as they come. He has the sweetest face and smile, but whines and cries like there is no tomorrow. Oy! And last but not least, there's my hubby. I call him Cub. We've been married for almost 8 years now. He's my rock in my crazy, scatterbrained world. Oh, I almost forgot, there are those 2 desert tortoises, Shelly and Munch. I thought one was dead and it came back to life. Almost like a Christmas miracle, but not really since I guess it was hibernating really soundly when I picked it up. Oh well. That's all for now. My dryer has thrown up baskets of clothes for me to fold. Damn, I hate folding clothes, but that's another story...

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